Gladway Specifications


Gladway Specifications

1. Every house is designed according to vasthu.

2. R.C.C. framed structure with columns,beams.and slabs.

3. Modular Switches & 3 phase supply with phase selector.

4. Tasty 200 feet deep bore water fitted with 1 HP compressor motor

5. Interior with washable birla wall putty with tractor emulsion and apex weather proof exterior emulsion.

6. 2'x2' Semi vertified tile flooring. glazed wall tiles upto 7'ht in toilet & bath with ISI madeSanitary wares.

7. Imported glow mould main door with saintgobain glass.

8. Wooden windows with grill cum glass.

9. Children's play ground.

10. Hightech automatic lifting dining table.

11. Gym with Fitness Equipements.

12. Staircase Anti Skip Tiles and Grill Hand Rail.

13. All rooms have tube light fittings.

14. Community Hall.

15. Separate brick work water tank for each house.

16. 30' Cement concrete road.

17. Street Lights provisions.

18. Concealed electrical wiring with ISI made cable and wires.

19. Spacious parking facilities for vehicles.

20. Protected main gate with 24 hours security facility.

21. 800 watts invertor for every house.

22. Shopping Comples Facilities.

23. Corporation Drinking water connection for each house.

24. T-Angle Provision.

25. Screen rod provision for all rooms.

26. T.V. wall unit for Hall

27. Sill slab provides for all windows.

28. Housing loans available from all leading banks like HDFC LTD , ICICI BANK ,STATE BANK, etc.

29. Common Area Subject to changeble.